Carlsberg wanted to encourage and reward brave people who go from words to action, supporting the global brand payoff – “That calls for a Carlsberg”.

Our answer was to create a next generation social game with over 500 missions to complete. The competition had a mission to “unbottle” an entire nation and discover Sweden’s most courageous minds in social situations.

Are you ready to unbottle yourself? The only way to find out is to play!

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The Process

It was a tight collaboration between us, Åkestam and B-Reel. Our mission was to spice up the original concept with all the technical features that smartphones provide – gyro, compass, GPS, accelerometer, touch and push notifications.

Åkestam even arranged a competition between Berghs and Hyper Island – the two leading advertising schools in Sweden – to make sure that the best challenges would make it to production.

During ten intense weeks, we tweaked the challenges and the game mechanics, ending up with an immensely engaging application and a stunning campaign site. Great teams always deliver great products!


  • Carlsberg’s brand preference increased by 33%
  • More than 50 000 missions were completed in just 12 days
  • The phrase to ”Unbottle Yourself” went from zero to over 80 000 hits on Google in less than a week
  • The estimated PR-value was at least 4 times the total campaign cost